For men, getting stimulation is not always fun by utilizing the hands. Sometimes a peripheral is needed to draw more FleshJackstimulation for solo fun. With a plethora of options to utilize to add sensuality to masturbation, it’s hard to determine which one is best, and which one is worth purchasing. One of the best sex toy options for men to come out in recent years is the Fleshjack.

The Fleshjack is an incredible sex toy for men, that has been getting top notch reviews from a variety of men, and continues to turn heads in regards to it’s real life feel and discreet shape and size. The masturbation tool is made of a soft, pliable material and simulates the sensation found through sexual intercourse. A sleeve is molded and comes housed in a canister that looks exactly like a flashlight, so you can make sure that no one is the wiser if they discover it while rummaging through your things.

Discretion is one of the best points of interest in regards to the Fleshjack. By housing the sleeve inside a canister, you get the peace of mind of knowing you won’t get caught with a sex toy. Whether you’re traveling through the airport, or someone is looking through your things, you’ll be safe knowing that they won’t think that inside a flashlight looking encasing, lies a sexual stimulator.

The pliable, non-toxic, safe material is made of high-end technological materials that feel as close to human skin as possible. When utilized for pleasure, a man can easily get stimulation in a variety of ways. For those not truly convinced that this is the best sex toy for male stimulation, consider the different models available.

There are several different opening styles, and interior design styles. The original Flesh jack is smooth and pliable molded to stimulate men exactly like sex, but for some that might get boring. However, there are more elaborate linings that can help knock your socks off. Consider the following different linings when looking at this amazing sex toy:


The Speed Bump lining offers a repeating bump texture that simulate thousands of little tips stimulating the shaft of the penis.

The Endurance lining offers a similar repeating texture in the canal, although it is specifically manufactured to help train individuals to last longer during sex. The interior is lined with a repeating pattern that helps train the sensitivity of the penis to hold off on climax.

The Super Ribbed option is one of the best linings for those looking for the ultimate in stimulation. The lining features dozens of tightly packed bumps that offer a sensation that is not easily matched by other toys.

The Super Tight and Ultra Tight are two different options that offer the most realistic sensation possible. The lining is tighter, and offers a great sensation that simulates intercourse as realistically as possible. With two variable tightness levels, a man can get the ultimate pleasure possible.

The Wonder Wave is a lining option that is the most popular choice of all. The lining is less intense than the ribbed version, is shaped like a vortex in the interior, offering a great overall stimulating sense that can delight even the harshest sex toy critic.

The last interior lining option is aptly titled The Vortex. Much like the Wonder Wave, the interior has a great amount of spiraled chambers that is the result of over one year in development, offering one of the most unique and exciting options to stimulate time and time again.

Whatever option you’re looking for in regards to the mighty Fleshjack, you’ll find that there are various options, and incredible sensations to be had. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to train to last longer, or simply looking for the most pleasurable sex toy, you can ensure that this discreet, realistic option is bar none the best in the business.


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